A Cereal & Donuts Bridal Shower

I threw a party for a dear friend who is getting married later this month. She loves donuts, sweets and is a cereal expert -- she writes a cereal column for the food site, Serious Eats (it's such a fun read, you have to check it out!). So naturally, we had to have a cereal buffet (inspired by the one at Gramercy Terrace!), a dozen donuts from Doughnut Plant, and her favorite treats.

I sent out this Sprinkles invitation, and instead of buying lots of balloons and decorations, I bought a single giant donut pool float. It was fun seeing friends take goofy photos with it throughout the party. Friends all chipped in -- one friend brought beautiful flowers, I asked another friend to make colorful cereal treats, and some others to bring green tea and strawberry Pocky sticks for me to arrange on the table.

The bride and groom have little inside jokes and sayings for each other, and my friend's fiancee compared her to some of her favorite treats. I made these quick sketches on some construction paper I had at home and taped them to the wall.

Candy-colored straws (with a line from a silly song about cereal) and colorful cups (from Joy's awesome new party collection at Target!)

We made bags of sweet and salty cereal mix (pretzels, peanut butter candies, candied sunflower seeds, sprinkles, Kix, and homemade Chex Mix) for everyone to take home.

So much love for my sweet friend and bride-to-be.

(Some more photos on Pinterest & Instagram)


SPD Spring Speaker Event

I'll be speaking at this SPD Student Outreach event tomorrow night. I'll be on a panel with a few other designers and illustrators; even though it's been *a while* since I've graduated, I'm looking forward to learning some things from the other panelists myself.

Come on out, hope to see you there!

(PS: You don't have to be a student to attend!)

Get tickets here.